Kool Deck®

Kool Deck® TEXTURED OVERLAY SYSTEM  (Manufactured By Mortex Mfg. Co., Inc.)

Be Sure It’s the Original

Kool Deck® concrete topping was invented by Mortex in
1962. It is a beautiful surface for swimming pool decks,
walkways, patios and virtually any foot traffic area. Once applied, it generates a colored, textured cement surface
that is as strong as the base concrete.

Kool Deck® is Ideal for Commercial & Residential Use:

  • Patios & Lanais
  • Pool Decks/Spa Areas
  • Driveways & Sidewalks
  • Theme Parks
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Shopping Venues

Extend the life and enhance the beauty of your property with the low-maintenance and durability of Kool Deck®.


  • Comfort – Even during the hottest summer days, you can walk, sit, sunbathe or play on your Kool Deck® surface. It’s more comfortable because it stays cooler than plain concrete or other decking surfaces.
  • Durability – The Kool Deck® concrete topping is specifically formulated to be far stronger, more durable, and more stain resistant thanother surfaces. It will stand up against even the roughest, most demanding environments such as 100°+ days to freezing nights.
  • Safety – A Kool Deck® topping creates a non-skid, textured surface that is designed to help reduce the risk of accidents, even when wet, to give you peace of mind.
  • Beauty – A Kool Deck® surface is a beautiful addition to your pool, walkway, patio or entire landscape package. The rich, consistent color and texture make it much more attractive than plain concrete. Its beauty compliments the natural environment and other landscaping techniques.
  • Cost – This is the best – even with its far superior quality, a Kool Deck® surface is less expensive than other deck surfacing products. The quality of a Kool Deck® surface adds distinction and lasting value to your property.
  • Variety – Kool Deck® toppings offer you a striking choice of luxurious, pastel colors…one which is perfect for the
    environment you want to create.

Kool Deck ® Standard Colors

Designer Colors are an extension of the Kool Deck® color line. Made of the same durable formula as Mortex’s® classic Kool Deck® topping, the Designer Color Collection® provides additional colors and a beautiful nonskid surface at the same low cost of the classic Kool Deck® colors.The colors of the Mortex® Designer Color line are inspired by nature. This palette is made up of deeper hues, designed to compliment a natural landscaping environment. Even though this color collection is darker, it will be more comfortable than plain concrete in the heat of the summer months.

Kool Deck® Designer Color Collection™ Colors

Disclaimer for Photo Gallery:
Please, keep in mind that the color may vary due to lighting conditions at job site, mixing and installation methods. Sample colors are as accurate as modern technology can produce and can even vary depending on your monitor calibrations.

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